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New for 64-72 Chevelles, GTO, Skylarks, 442, and other A-bodies --- REAR COILOVER kits.

A quick look at a new kit on a 65 Chevelle !!!!!

New from Global West is our rear coilover kit for 64-72  A-bodies.  The kit on the right shows all the components including a rear sway bar. The sway bar is optional. The kit includes anti-squat brackets, upper and lower shock mounting brackets, Penske rear shocks with remote reservoirs, Eibach coilover springs, and all necessary hardware.

This kit will work with your stock rear control arms or performance control arms from any manufacture.

Of course we offer our own rear tubular control arms, TBC-4 lowers ,

and TBC-47 or 82 for the uppers.

Note: The Penske shocks are available in 3 different styles --non-adjustable, adjustable, and double adjustable. The adjustment refers to the valving. All the shocks feature threaded bodies for adjusting ride height.

We also offer a variety of different spring rates and sway bar choices for various vehicle weights.

A special light weight lower control arm is also available when using this coilover kit.

When considering a coilover kit for an a-body, one must look at how the load is going to be placed back into the frame. We looked at doing a simple coilover install with the coilover shock in the original shock location. There were a few problems we encountered doing that: First the shock must be moved towards the rear of the car and then leaned forward to bolt up to the upper frame mount. The reason it's moved rearward is so the coil spring clears the differential tube. In most cases this combination will interfere with the exhaust.  The second problem is, by placing the load that far away from the frame rail, the upper mount has a greater chance of tearing. Over the years working on A-bodies, we have found the shock location generally needs repairing. If air shocks are used I guarantee the mount will need repairing. So placing all the load away from the frame in that area is not a long term investment. 

Instead we installed the coilover shock in the stock spring location. The load going into the frame doesn't change. This gives us multiple advantages. First- We are placing the load in the factory designed location. We know this can handle the load. Second: Since this is a coilover, the shock is no longer behind the rear axle on an angle. It is straight up and down so the damping has one less variable to contend with. Third: No exhaust issues. In fact you have more room then before even in front of the axle. Fourth. It allows use to put the sway bar where it is most affective--- pointing towards the rear of the car rather then forward.

Penske shocks are known for there supreme quality. They can be found in a variety of racing applications including Formula 1, NASCAR, IRL, ALMS, Grand-Am, AMA, Short Track, NHRA, IHRA, SCCA, Australian Touring Cars, BTCC, Moto GP, and many more. If you don't know who Penske is, check out there website at www.penskeshocks.com

Notice how clean the upper mount locates in the frame.

Photo above shows coilover completely installed with brackets. Note: There is some welding involved.

Part of the coilover kit includes anti-squat brackets.  What anti-squat brackets allow you to do is change the IC point in the back to a more favorable location after you lower the car. We thought this was necessary because you are capable of lowering the ride height several inches.

Note: The anti-squat brackets can be used without the coilover kit. Especially for drag racing.

Anti-squat brackets require welding.


Looking in the photos you will notice a sway bar. You also notice the sway bar doesn't attach to the lower control arms. The coilover kit will not allow you to run the stock rear sway bar. In some cases you will not need a rear sway bar at all. We designed the rear bar going towards the rear because we can run a smaller bar with greater efficiency then pointing the bar forward and requiring a larger diameter bar.

The rear bar is available in various sizes.

Contact Global West for more information.

Looking at the big picture you can see how clean the installation is without massive modifications.

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