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1965-70 Impala, Caprice, Biscayne, Belair

New for 2009 Builders Kits   Builder kits are now available to dealers and distributors that build custom cars. The kits are furnished unassembled and bare. This way the builder can customize the application whether it is a color choice or chrome. Builder kits are specially desirable for shops installing airbags, hydraulics, or doing other modifications that may require adding tabs or plates to pre-built control arms. A special control arm line is also available for the lower rider market. Dealers are urged to contact Global West direct for proper applications and pricing. Note: In order to assemble these control arms a press is needed plus in some cases special fixtures for assembly. The average home mechanic will not have the proper tools to do the job.


Tubular upper control arms

Tubular lower control arms


New Adjustable strut rods

Adjustable rear upper control arms

Tubular rear lower control arms

Adjustable Track Bars and Relocation kits

Rear Anti-Squat brackets

Front and rear springs

Steering Boxes and steering components

Sway bars

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