Performance Suspension for American Muscle Cars

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Chevelle ---- GTO ---- Buick GS ---- Oldsmobile 442

The following cars from 1964-1972 are classified as A-bodies.
Buick Skylark, Special, Grand Sport, and Sport wagon
Chevrolet Chevelle, El Camino, Malibu, and Monte Carlo
Oldsmobile F-85, Cutlass, and 442
Pontiac Lemans, GTO, T-37 and (69-72 only / Grand Prix)

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Del-a-lum bushings and control arm shaft kits

Tubular tie rod sleeves, Ball joints, Tie rods, Center links, steering boxes



Front Tubular Control Arms for standard springs


Front Tubular Control Arm kits using coilover shocks and springs



Front tubular control arms using the tall spindle conversion  and standard type springs



Front tubular control arms using the tall spindle conversion  and coilover shocks and springs

Drag race upper control arms

Drag race lower control arms

Adjustable uppers



Rear Tubular Control Arms  New Adjustable rear frame braces


Sway Bars

Front and Rear Springs

Tall Spindle Standard Disc Brake Conversion kits for Negative Roll Systems



Global West's Cat 5 Disc Brake System

Technical Data - Negative Roll Suspension Geometry
Handling Information - What to use.

Disc Brake Conversion Information (Spindles)

Technical Questions Answered

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