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Announcing for 1968-71 Torino   Coilover front end kits, tubular shock mount supports, and performance adjustable strut rods.

You can now get a complete front suspension kit, tubular upper and lower arms, strut rods or  coilover kits for drag racing and street/road race applications. The shocks are available with non-adjustable valving, rebound only adjustment, or full bump and rebound adjustments. Many spring rates are available for about any application. Note: (The ride height is adjusted by turning the adjusting collars on the shock body up or down.) New camber curves are engineered into the package using our exclusive Negative Roll geometry. Negative roll refers to the direction of the top of the tire as the car leans into the turn. In addition long awaited performance adjustable strut rods are now ready for release. The strut rods can be used with stock suspension as well with performance control arms. Note that the strut rods are supplied as a standard item when coilover kits are ordered.

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1955-57 Chevy

 1967-69 Camaro-Firebird

1970-81 Camaro-Firebird

1982-02 Camaro and Firebird

1962-67 Nova  

1968-74 Nova

1964-72 Chevelle / GTO / Olds 442 / Buick GS / A-bodies

1973-77 Chevelle a-body 

1978-88 Chevelle, Grand National, and other G-bodies 

Corvette 1963-96

1958-64 Impala

1965-70 Impala, Caprice, Belair, Biscayne

1994-96 Impala

Mustang / Maverick / Falcon Comet 1961-1973

Mustang 1979-2004
Thunderbird 1978-1988

Mopar B-body

Category 5 Disc Brakes

Wilwood Brakes

Brake Accessories

QA-1 Shocks

Koni Shocks


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Purchasing the best in chassis and other performance products just got one step easier!

New 67-69 Camaro/ Firebird/ 68-74 Nova clips bare or fully assembled.

New Products - Rack and Pinion conversions

Rack and pinion conversions are now available for 1958-64 Impala,  1967-69 Camaro, 1970-81 Camaro-Firebird, 1955-1957 Tri 5,  1964-72 Chevelle, 1962-67 Nova, 1964-70 Mustang, 1962-65 Falcon, and Mopar.

New Steering component kits for your muscle car.

  • inner tie rods

  • outer tie rods

  • tubular adjusting sleeves

  • idler arm

  • drag link (depending on application)

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What to do on a 96 Mustang subframe install with damaged floor rails.

1965 GTO Project with Vortech Blower

GTO Photos

New Coilover rear kit for Chevelles and other A-bodies

Global West is offering installation services and is reopening it's car building operations. This was brought on by repeated requests from customers who remembered Global West building top quality cars back in the 80's and 90's. For more information or scheduling contact Global West 909-890-0759.

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